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We believe that the quality of the products we use ought to be as exceptional as our service. That’s why at Building Improvement Specialists, we only use Mitten Vinyl for our vinyl cladding services. With over 50 years as a trusted product local to Australia, we know that it’s built to last you a lifetime.  
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Installing your vinyl 

After consulting with you to define the details of your project, we will install the vinyl panels over your existing timber boards. Once completed, your home will be more insulated and energy-efficient. The new look will give your home a makeover while simultaneously benefitting it for years to come.

All vinyl cladding comes with a 50-year warranty


We want you to love the look of your home for years to come. That is why all cladding services come with a 50-year warranty to cover replacing defective boards, colour fades, or buckles in the cladding. You can feel confident knowing that if anything were to happen to your vinyl, Building Improvement Specialists has you covered. 

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Solely focusing on residential homes has allowed us to perfect the art of what we do. Our home improvement packages will give your home the makeover that it’s been waiting for. Call us today to get started and give your home the care it deserves.
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